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Jul 28, 2021

Another Filter Update

We have another update about our filter. We’re trying out a new filter that we’re starting to test today. We’ll be using this filter in combination with our moderation as

Jul 22, 2021

Current State of AI Dungeon

Current State of AI Dungeon

A while ago we decided to remove Explore due to abuse of the platform and our community guidelines. Along with this we realized that many of our guidelines and policies needed to be

Jul 15, 2021

Filter Update

Hello! We have a quick update about the filter. We’ve heard feedback from several users who have let us know about common false positives that the filter has flagged. We’ve listened

Jul 5, 2021

We’re Growing

Whether you’ve been following us for a year or a month, you may have noticed that our communication has been less frequent lately. We understand that this is especially disappointing for our

Jun 8, 2021

Moderation Clarification to the Community

In this update, we address questions we’ve received about moderation policies and privacy, and introduce our new Content Policy with specific guidelines about what content is allowed on AI Dungeon.

Apr 27, 2021

Update to Our Community

Yesterday, we released a test system to prevent the generation of certain sexual content that violates our policies, specifically content that may involve depictions or descriptions of minors (for which we have zero

Apr 15, 2021

Explore Update: 23 Hours Later

Explore Update: 23 Hours Later

Latitude is sharing updates on our progress 23 hours after our initial announcement and takedown of Explore and social features to update users on our current progress and plans. We are committed to

Feb 11, 2020

How we scaled AI Dungeon 2 to support over 1,000,000 users

How we scaled AI Dungeon 2 to support over 1,000,000 users

We hit the top of Hacker News, a few popular gamers posted video play throughs, and Twitter was full of screenshots of ML-generated adventure. Within a week we had 100,000 players and over half a million play-throughs. The unexpected downside to this sudden surge of attention, however, was the cost.