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We are transforming how games are made with advanced AI, giving players unlimited freedom in infinite worlds.

Current game release: AI Dungeon

Our story

AI Dungeon was originally started as a hackathon project in early 2019. After several months of experimentation and work, it was fully released in December and immediately exploded to hundreds of thousands of users within a week.

Since then the Latitude team has come together to continue building on the concepts of AI Dungeon to fundamentally change the way games are made.

Our Future

AI Dungeon is just the beginning of our vision for the future. Our vision is to leverage AI to power vast, living game worlds where your actions matter and leave lasting effects. AI will fundamentally transform games as we know it and we are leading the way into this new era of gaming.


We recently partnered with OpenAI to upgrade the AI behind AI Dungeon. Read more about the improvement our players have been raving about.

Our Team

Alan (Cofounder, CEO)
Nick (Cofounder, CTO)

Stories from AI Dungeon

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